Saturday, August 31, 2013

To all the sleepless moms out there:

I'm here to tell you that I was once one of you, and I promise it gets better!

I used to dread bedtime. I love sleep and knowing that it was very likely that I would not be getting much sleep made me get anxious every time I laid Harry down for bed.

Now putting him to bed is a JOY! Hearing him pray with me, "Jeju...nigh nigh...ame" (which is short for "Dear Jesus, thanks for today and please give us a good night's sleep, we love you, Amen") is seriously the sweetest thing!  I lay him down give him his blanket and stuffed owl, named Owly and he says "nigh nigh".

No crying. No struggle. This kid loves sleep as much as me! Seriously, THANK YOU JESUS!!!

And apart from the random night when he wakes up from a bad dream or because he's sick...he gets about 11 hours a night (plus a 2-3 hour nap during the day). Hallelujah!!!

So if you're dreading the coming of night. If you're not sure that your little one will sleep well, or at all, and you're desperate because it feels like the sleepless nights will NEVER, ever, EVER end. The truth is that it sucks right now...but it will get better.

Just keep trucking away, loving your littles. Pray through the hard nights (and text me if we're friends in real life because I will pray alongside you)!

And next time around (no I'm not pregnant or planning on getting pregnant anytime (too) soon)...please remind me to read this post because when I'm in the midst of that crazy sleepless baby stage it seriously makes me feel like a crazy person. And I'm sure I'll forget in those moments how glorious it is to be sitting on the other side of that stage.

My hat's off to you mamas! Whether you're in the trenches now, or you're here with me in the land of more sleep. This job is the hardest one around! But isn't it the best?!

.    .    .

In completely unrelated news, I only have two more days of summer before I'm thrown into the wolves, aka: the first few days of school. I am SO EXCITED and also SO SAD to say goodbye to summer and hello to (my favorite season of all) fall.

Let's just say, this is definitely the beginning of the end.

Change sucks is just part of life and I'm learning to get used to it. Hopefully by the time I'm a grandma I'll be a whole lot better at it than I am right now. In the meantime, baby steps.


  1. Oh, thank you for writing this. I am "in the trenches" and words like yours are so encouraging! I will keep going either way, but I'm exhausted!

    1. Oh I'm so glad you read it! Wish I could snap my fingers and get you through it...also I would love to follow your blog but I think it's a private one. I think I maybe had access to it years ago, but it's been a while. If you don't mind letting me follow your blog please send me an email (! Praying for a good (or at least not a bad) night of sleep for you!!!

  2. In March this will be perfect for me! I've been a bit nervous about the loss of sleep, actually. I do love my rest. But I know our sweet little baby will be worth all the sacrifice.