Friday, January 18, 2013

Motherhood: Extreme Sleep Deprivation Edition

The past month has been e x h a u s t i n g!

This is an understatement.

Even though Harry's been up twice tonight to nurse (9:30 and 1:30). When I laid him back down, what has been screams and tears (for what feels like weeks on end) has turned into peaceful stretches and a sleeping baby.

Knock on wood, I think we may have turned the corner. Which is a really good thing because I think I've been slowly losing my mind. No joke.

If I wasn't so tired I might just go pour myself a celebratory drink. For now knowing my baby is sleeping soundly for the first time since before Christmas is a celebration in and of itself.

Good night blog. I've missed you, but hopefully this turn of events means I'll be sane enough to write more soon.

For now I'm just going to get a

l i t t l e

m o r e

s l e e p....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on 10 :: January 2013

I always struggle with my set of photos on work days. It's hard to take "inspired" photos under fluorescent lighting...but I tried my best. Thankful that the beginning and end of my day were spent with my little Love (last photo thanks to my hubby).

Happy 10th! Here's the link to see other photo sets on Rebekah's blog, "A Bit of Sunshine". Her photos today were amazing (of course)!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Letter: Month 11

Dear Harrison,

It happened. 

Just about a week before you turned 11 months, you finally learned how to crawl!!!

On the first day of my Christmas vacation you figured out that the “scoot” you’ve been working on for a few weeks could actually get you somewhere. As soon as I put you down you scooted your way into the pantry, with a mischievous giggle I might add, and began taking food off the shelves. Your next stop was the bathroom. Our toilet rolls were all over the floor and you were very interested in the toilet. Needless to say, our pantry and bathroom doors remain closed these days. But anytime we forget, you are the first one to notice!

Now whenever it’s bath time you crawl right up to the tub, pull yourself up and refuse to move until you are in the water. I have to undress you standing up because you’re so excited to get in and play. It’s so much fun watching you splash around with your bath toys (although your favorite is an empty baby shampoo bottle, go figure).

In addition to your crawling, you are taking more steps while holding onto our fingers. You can also take a few side steps while you’re holding onto the couch or coffee table. With all of this movement you’ve been getting more bruises as well. The worse was when you crashed into the leg of the coffee table and got a nice bruise on your cheek. You only cried for a few seconds, but it just looks bad. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of bumps and bruises to come…

You got your first haircut just after Thanksgiving. I hadn’t realized how long it had gotten, but once it was cut and I looked at photos I couldn’t believe it! You look like such a handsome little boy now! We took you to “Lil Klippers” a really cute hair salon for kids in Seattle. It’s the same one that your Uncle Griff went to for his first haircut. I took a million pictures, but they encouraged it ;). You got to sit in a rocket ship, and you actually enjoyed yourself except for the part when she had to cut around your ears. At that point the tears came.

Your first Christmas was such a joy, even though you have been sick the entire time I’ve been home. You have loved the Christmas tree, all the lights, and our favorite Christmas CD, Mariah Carey Christmas. I’m sure someday you won’t want to listen to it with me, but this year it’s been on every time we’ve gone somewhere together in the car. You’ve started dancing and singing/humming along to music when it’s on. I love it! A few times when I was switching between Christmas songs in the car you actually got fussy until the music started again. We’re pretty sure you’re going to be into music in one way or another. You love listening to it and drumming your hands on things. Another thing you love is throwing balls. Your Uncle Griff got a stress ball for Christmas and anytime you see him tossing it around, your eyes are glued on him until he lets you play catch with him.

In addition to “mama” and “dada” you also like to say “duga duga” (we think you started saying it because it kind of sounds like the sound we make when we tickle you…but you say it all the time now). Just in the past few days you’ve started saying “uh oh”. It’s so cute, even though you have no idea what it really means.

I could ramble on about how many hours I spent this week up with you in the middle of the night, or how miserable it’s been to watch you have such a nasty cold…but I’d rather highlight a few of my favorite moments from your first Christmas:

·      Watching your wonder at all the bright lights and sounds of Christmas.
·      Singing Christmas carols together at church the Sunday before Christmas (and in the car all month long).
·      Chasing after you now that you are crawling all around the house.
·      Playing with your new legos and fun farm toy that you got for Christmas.
·      Reading with you from your new children’s bible. You really enjoy the pictures and I love the way the authors tell about the story of Jesus.

Oh our sweet boy. I cannot believe that in one month I’ll be writing your twelfth letter. How has it been almost a year since you came into our lives? I am so smitten by you…and the older you get the more fun we have with you. Your personality is still so laid back and happy. Despite being sick this week you have been a pretty content little boy (except for at night, which is to be expected). No matter where we go you are excited to be there and enjoy the people we are with.

2013 is just around the corner, and I have to say that 2012 has literally been the best year of my life. I can only imagine the adventures and mischief that you’ll get us into this coming year. Let’s just enjoy this last month of your first year my little mister…I feel like in the blink of an eye you’ll be all grown up. And while I know you won’t be little forever, and I’m honestly okay with that fact…I still just want to soak up every minute of this sweet stage as I can!

I love you more today than ever my sweet love!

Love Always,