Friday, January 18, 2013

Motherhood: Extreme Sleep Deprivation Edition

The past month has been e x h a u s t i n g!

This is an understatement.

Even though Harry's been up twice tonight to nurse (9:30 and 1:30). When I laid him back down, what has been screams and tears (for what feels like weeks on end) has turned into peaceful stretches and a sleeping baby.

Knock on wood, I think we may have turned the corner. Which is a really good thing because I think I've been slowly losing my mind. No joke.

If I wasn't so tired I might just go pour myself a celebratory drink. For now knowing my baby is sleeping soundly for the first time since before Christmas is a celebration in and of itself.

Good night blog. I've missed you, but hopefully this turn of events means I'll be sane enough to write more soon.

For now I'm just going to get a

l i t t l e

m o r e

s l e e p....

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