Wednesday, December 30, 2015

22 Weeks: Baby Ellis

Ellis Gideon Matt

So we've named this little one! (insert heart eye emoji)

It's a name we haven't heard much before, but we love it. My favorite may be hearing Harry say his name (he chants it over and over, and says it so fast you can hardly tell what he's saying). Speaking of Harry, isn't he just THE CUTEST?!?! I'm clearly biased, but now that we know we're having another boy I am just so thrilled. Having another one of these just melts my heart:

Here I am at 20 weeks...just before Christmas break. Clearly I look tired and SO ready for some time away from work! ;)

And here I am at 22 weeks. Ellis just keeps growing and growing. I'm now to the point where I'm feeling him move around a lot more, which is the very best part of pregnancy! 

We've had a really relaxing week and a half off from work/school. Josh still has work, but he got a fair amount of time off during the Christmas festivities (which isn't always a guarantee with his job) so we soaked up every moment! 

This was us trying to get a shot with a selfie stick. Harder than it looks ;) lol

Harry thoroughly enjoys wearing his pjs all day, which is fine by me! We went to the grocery store the other day with him looking like this (and his bear dressed up as well). It was the best!

I can't believe that in a month's time we will have a four-year-old on our hands. This boy is SO EXCITED to turn F O U R and we can't wait to celebrate him! :) He just gets more and more fun to do life with all the time. His personality is so enjoyable to be around...although he does have his grumpy moments (which just reminds us that he's a normal kid).

And in four months we will get to meet baby brother, Ellis Gideon who has already captured our hearts. Harry kisses my belly at least ten times a day. It's pretty cute. Hopefully he'll still love his baby brother this much when he's crawling around and getting into all of his toys ;) 

I've been pretty bad about blogging every two weeks like I planned to throughout my pregnancy, but I've posted plenty of pictures on Instagram to keep family/friends up-to-date. Pregnancy with a child is way busier than with the first. When I was expecting Harry I had so much free time on my hands, but this time around I'm lucky if I can stay awake through Harry's bedtime stories each night. I wouldn't trade it for anything...but blogging has not been my top priority. My goal is to keep writing Harry his letters every six months, and to write letters to Ellis each month once he makes his debut (like I did with Harry). But aside from that, we'll see how much blogging I do.

I'd also like to do the 10 on 10 project again in 2016. It's been a while since I've managed to keep up on it, but since I'll be home on maternity leave this spring, I figure I'll have more "non-work" time to take photos on the tenth of each month. It's too hard to remember to take a picture every hour when I'm wrangling students through math and reading lessons all day.

Alright, enough rambling here. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that this New Year brings you a fresh start to get after whatever it is you'd like to get better at this year! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015