Thursday, December 22, 2016

Letter :: Ellis :: Month Eight

Dear Ellis,                                                                                           

Hey big boy. I am so happy to say that after several weeks of sickness, you are finally your healthy self again. You’ve gotten used to waking up in the night though, so I’m hoping that as you approach nine months you’ll start sleeping for those incredible 12-hour stretches again.

Your first Christmas is just days away and it has been so fun to experience this joyful season with you around. You’ve just started scooting around (backwards) and have gotten into the tree a couple of times (to your brother’s chagrin) but the damage was pretty minor (just a few extra pine needles for me to clean up.

You still only have those four bottom teeth, and though there’s been a few nights of sore/swollen gums, we have yet to see any more teeth make their way through.

You are equal parts wild and observant. You love to be tickled and tossed around. And you also sit back and take it all in. You’re not overly ambitious when it comes to getting into things, but you enjoy playing with your favorite toys (the most recent favorites include our play kitchen and this crazy car toy at Grandma and Papa Lamb’s house). You continue to be a delight to our whole family, but I think my favorite is watching you and Harry bond even more. Just the other day you and Harry had your first bath together in your kid bathroom and you couldn’t have loved it more. You splashed and played and weren’t very pleased when it was time to get out and dry off.

Oh little man, what a precious gift you are to us this Christmas. Last year at this time you were growing soundly in my belly but we had no idea what it would really be like with you here. And now we know. Your Daddy, brother and I remark on a daily basis about what an adorable baby you are.

We love making you laugh during dinnertime, and have been trying to teach you to say “more” using sign language. Sometimes you’ll bring your little chubby hands together but your latest favorite is to slam your hands down on your tray and growl when you’re excited about the prospect of another bite. Oh boy…I think you may get into quite a bit of mischief when you’re able to get around more.

You can roll you tongue (so bizarre…I’ve never seen a baby do that before) and have recently figured out how to make a clicking noise with your tongue too. I think your goal is to be as loud as Harry. You still love to scream/squeal when you’re super excited about something! It can be a little embarrassing when we’re in the middle of church or the grocery store…but it’s pretty cute at the same time.

I have a feeling you may be crawling in the next month or so, but I’m 100% okay with it if you hold off for a while longer. We know that there’s no going back once babies make their first big move…so we’re in no big rush. You’ll move when you’re good and ready.

Well Mr. Bellis, we love you just as much as ever…if not more with each passing month. Here’s to your very first Christmas and entering into the New Year. With your brother’s FIFTH birthday (what?!) and your FIRST coming up in the next few months we have a LOT to celebrate.

Love you little man!

Love always,

Your Mama

Saturday, December 3, 2016

47/52 (2016)

46/52 (2016)

45/52 (2016)

44/52 (2016)

43/52 (2016)

42/52 (2016)

Letter :: Ellis :: Month Seven

Dear Ellis,                                                                                           

Well sweet boy, your seven month “birthday” rolled around and it was overshadowed by the fact that you got a double ear infection (which has taken us over a week to recover from). I’m so sorry you were in so much pain…but don’t worry, your daddy and I lost just as much sleep as you did, trying to make you comfortable.

You had your first Halloween and now your first Thanksgiving in the last month. You dressed up as Captain Hook and Harry was Peter Pan. It was so adorable (especially the mischievous little mustache that I drew on with my eyeliner pen)! You roll both ways and can now sit like a champ. You also just started pushing up onto your knees…just barely (and only for a split second) but I have a feeling that you’ll be crawling around by your brother’s birthday, and maybe even by Christmas.

You LOVE to eat carrots and seem to enjoy the orange vegetables the most (squash and sweet potatoes) but still don’t really like any of the fruit you’ve tried. I think more than anything, you want to eat the food we are eating.  Maybe in the next month we can try some of the little puffs. I’m just not sure you’re ready to eat anything semi-solid without gagging (you gag when I make the baby puree a little thicker).

Aside from the ear infections, you continue to be such a happy and content boy! You can now clap your hands together and love to play patty-cake. You also like to strum your fingers on your lips and make humming sounds.

Harry is still your favorite person to watch…but you certainly love your Daddy and I. We take a lot of delight in making you laugh, especially when you’re sitting in your high chair and we are all gathered around in the kitchen. You also have quite a bit of fun with your grandparents – especially when your papas toss you around and tickle you.

This month you have started accompanying me 2-3 mornings a week to Daddy’s gym. I’ve decided to start lifting weights to get strong and stay healthy as we get older and have to keep up with you and Harry. It’s been fun and aside from a few tears at the end of the workouts (when you’re tired and ready for a nap) you really enjoy watching everyone working out. I think they all enjoy having you there too, especially now that you can clap and squeal with delight. It’s like you’re cheering everyone on.

We love you endlessly Mr. Bellis. Your smile (with those four bottom teeth) is infectious and brings us all so much joy. Our family wouldn’t be the same without you. You truly are a blessing and undeserved gift from God our Father. Thanks for being you. Just keep on growing, but not too fast because part of me wants you to stay my baby forever ;)

Love always and forever,

Your Mama

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Letter :: Ellis :: Month Six

Dear Ellis,

You are awesome! Have we told you that lately? (Oh wait, I think you hear it daily from me, your dad and brother…if not multiple times a day).

In the past month you have sure been busy. Your first tooth broke through, then you second…and your third one just barely broke through the skin on your ½ birthday. Slow down tooth-monster! Aside from struggle to sleep when your teeth are making their way through your gums…you’re still a champion sleeper. I will always love you for that. I’ll actually always love you no matter what, but I can’t thank you enough for letting me sleep these past few months. It’s glorious!

You can almost sit up on your own and you love being tickled, tossed around, and tipped upside down. Your thighs, back and armpits seem to be the most ticklish lately. I think Harry and I introduced you to “Going on a Straight Road” this month, and you LOVE it (the windy road is your favorite).

You had your first sleepover at Grandma and Papa Lamb’s house. You did pretty well considering you don’t love bottles (you’re a mama’s boy for sure when it comes to eating). It was a special night for us to get away and celebrate my 31st birthday just your Daddy and I.

Your thumb continues to be your favorite way to be soothed. With a blanket on your right cheek and your thumb in your mouth you’re one satisfied (and sweet) little boy. We have definitely gotten into a groove this month with a relatively consistent nap schedule, and our weeks mostly filled with keeping up around the house, playing with lots of toys, and taking Harry to and from his preschool class. You seem to be content to just go with the flow and enjoy whatever we’re doing.

You’ve started eating food and so far sweet potatoes and peas seem to be your favorites. You don’t love pears, and apples are okay. Although you have enjoyed chewing on apple slices (in this handy little mesh thing we can put food in but you can’t actually eat…or choke on the food inside). Based on the look on your face when we are eating, you basically can’t wait to just eat regular food like us…but we’ll get there, I promise!

We took you to the pumpkin patch for Harry’s field trip and you were a champ in the wind and rain. In about a week you’ll get to trick-or-treat for the first time and we can’t wait to take you and Harry around the neighborhood (or should I say, Captain Hook and Peter Pan). Your costume is pretty adorable!

Oh Mr. Bellis (as we lovingly refer to you)…you are a dream-boat. I love kissing your velvety soft hair, rubbing my thumb over the bridge of your nose when you’re getting sleepy, and blowing raspberries in the crook of your neck. I love tickling your thighs, pretending to eat your toes, and doing all manner of silly things to make you smile and laugh.

Love you sweet munchkin! Thanks for being our favorite little companion. You’re our favorite little six month old :)

Love always,