Thursday, December 22, 2016

Letter :: Ellis :: Month Eight

Dear Ellis,                                                                                           

Hey big boy. I am so happy to say that after several weeks of sickness, you are finally your healthy self again. You’ve gotten used to waking up in the night though, so I’m hoping that as you approach nine months you’ll start sleeping for those incredible 12-hour stretches again.

Your first Christmas is just days away and it has been so fun to experience this joyful season with you around. You’ve just started scooting around (backwards) and have gotten into the tree a couple of times (to your brother’s chagrin) but the damage was pretty minor (just a few extra pine needles for me to clean up.

You still only have those four bottom teeth, and though there’s been a few nights of sore/swollen gums, we have yet to see any more teeth make their way through.

You are equal parts wild and observant. You love to be tickled and tossed around. And you also sit back and take it all in. You’re not overly ambitious when it comes to getting into things, but you enjoy playing with your favorite toys (the most recent favorites include our play kitchen and this crazy car toy at Grandma and Papa Lamb’s house). You continue to be a delight to our whole family, but I think my favorite is watching you and Harry bond even more. Just the other day you and Harry had your first bath together in your kid bathroom and you couldn’t have loved it more. You splashed and played and weren’t very pleased when it was time to get out and dry off.

Oh little man, what a precious gift you are to us this Christmas. Last year at this time you were growing soundly in my belly but we had no idea what it would really be like with you here. And now we know. Your Daddy, brother and I remark on a daily basis about what an adorable baby you are.

We love making you laugh during dinnertime, and have been trying to teach you to say “more” using sign language. Sometimes you’ll bring your little chubby hands together but your latest favorite is to slam your hands down on your tray and growl when you’re excited about the prospect of another bite. Oh boy…I think you may get into quite a bit of mischief when you’re able to get around more.

You can roll you tongue (so bizarre…I’ve never seen a baby do that before) and have recently figured out how to make a clicking noise with your tongue too. I think your goal is to be as loud as Harry. You still love to scream/squeal when you’re super excited about something! It can be a little embarrassing when we’re in the middle of church or the grocery store…but it’s pretty cute at the same time.

I have a feeling you may be crawling in the next month or so, but I’m 100% okay with it if you hold off for a while longer. We know that there’s no going back once babies make their first big move…so we’re in no big rush. You’ll move when you’re good and ready.

Well Mr. Bellis, we love you just as much as ever…if not more with each passing month. Here’s to your very first Christmas and entering into the New Year. With your brother’s FIFTH birthday (what?!) and your FIRST coming up in the next few months we have a LOT to celebrate.

Love you little man!

Love always,

Your Mama

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