Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 on 10 :: August 2013 :: Just a Summer Day

I really LOVE taking photos on the 10th! In all honesty I woke up this morning kind of tired and grumpy. Not very excited about the clouds. And even though I had an enjoyable day planned for Harry and I...the thought of taking ten photos today was not very appealing to me.

And then today happened. I remembered to take photos all day, and was even working on using my manual settings on my camera (like a "real" photographer).

I am thankful that I will have these sweet moments captured to document this summer day.

Happy tenth everyone!!!

|| eggs and coffee ||

|| puddle jumping walking at the park ||

|| checking out all the police vehicles at our town's summer parade ||

|| firetrucks are always a hit in any parade ||

|| dishes, always waiting ||

|| peace and quiet during afternoon naps ||

|| my attitude has certainly improved throughout the day ||

|| he's a grape monster ;) my snack is always his snack too ||

|| dropping off daddy's ipad before his second overtime shift of the day ||

|| full circle, same plates (clean of course) but this time it's dinner and Bible stories ||

.    .    .

How was your day? Maybe it started off like mine...and maybe it didn't get any easier. Either way, I would encourage you to try to find the beauty in the everyday. 

Check out Rebekah's blog "A Bit of Sunshine" for more info on the Ten on Ten project.

And now, my favorite part...checking out all the other photos.

Click here to check them out yourself! :)


  1. Beautiful photos. Your little boy is gorgeous, cherish every moment, they grow up way too quickly. Glad your day improved.

  2. This is such a pretty set! I am captivated by the "peace and quiet" one - the reflection, it's simple and stunning. And Harry is seriously adorable! And I know all about those days - not always easy to turn it around, but beauty-searching seems to do the trick every time, thanks for the good reminder. :)