Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yesterday afternoon my son dropped a ton of goldfish on the patio. "Oh no", we both said as I helped him pick each one up, blow them off and put them back in his little snack container. A few minutes later he spilled them again and then started stomping on them. After helping him again, he proceeded to  spill more, this time in a different location. Unfortunately in his attempt to pick them up he hit his face on the patio getting a scrape and bruise (on his forehead and nose). Not the end of the world, but it looked like there would be a bruise in no time. Every time I tried to put ice on it he would push my hand away. 

I wonder if this is how God feels about his constant offer of grace and my response.

Lord please forgive me for trying to pick up the pieces by myself. For not accepting your Grace when it is so freely offered, and always better for me than my own way.

Thank you that you care more about my heart than the struggles I may face in this lifetime. You are always by my side through every storm...there is no reason for me to try to make it through alone.

And thank you Jesus that your Grace never runs out. Ever!

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