Thursday, August 1, 2013

Belated Father's Day!

I don't have as many fun photos from Father's Day. We enjoyed a meal with my family on Father's Day and with Josh's family later in the week.

And there isn't a Stitch Fix for men...and even if there was I'm pretty sure it's the last thing Josh would want ;)

I snapped this photo of the two men in my life when we were opening Father's Day presents! My parents gifted Josh (and I) with a weekend of watching Harry for us so we can get away and have a romantic mini-vacation. We will finally be cashing in on it this month! Can't wait (although I know I'll really miss Harry while we're gone).

Here's a funny little moment sometime near Father's Day. Harry loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him!

I got my dad a pizza grill pan (kind of selfishly because it means he has to invite us over for pizza on the favorite)! :) 

Josh opening his cards and gifts!

Here's Josh's dad getting a kick out of our busy boy! Harry was too busy for me to get a photo with him looking at the camera ;)

And here's my grandpa looking cool on Father's Day (photo credit to my mom)!

I love this picture! He looks like the same old grandpa that I will always cherish and remember. Even though he's still here with us, because of his dementia it just isn't the same. I really miss having him at family gatherings, and miss having him know who we are. But I know in Heaven his mind will be healed and we will be able to worship Jesus forever together! I am so thankful for such a great hope that I get to hold onto in the midst of a painful time!

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