Thursday, January 1, 2015

MEDIA :: Day 1

Does "iTunes Radio" count?

It probably does. If so, I've failed twice already, on Day 1. And it's only 7:40am.

My first thought this morning was "UGH! All I want to do is see everyone's NYE pics on Instagram! Grrrrr....."

Upon getting out of bed, I checked my email on my phone, twice.

To say this is going to be a challenge is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

I'm currently sitting at my computer blogging because at least it's something right?! And I'm listening to iTunes Radio, but it's awesome Christian worship music. I think I'm going to allow it. At least for today! ;)

Other thoughts I've had this morning:
  • I want to watch a movie while I take down our Christmas decorations.
  • I would love to vox (an app that allows you to chat like on a walkie-talkie) with my friends to say hello and ramble about random things while I do my dishes.
  • How am I going to document my life if not on Instagram?!?!
  • Email once a day? Ugh. I better change my notifications so that I don't get any...and I better move my email app into my "utilities" folder with all the other apps I couldn't bear to delete.
I have a problem.


Just for accountability's sake, here are screen shots of my iPad and iPhone. The basics are on screen one, the rest is on screen two. And while this may look like a lot of apps. I must have deleted at least 30 apps on each device.

This is what progress looks like, today at least.

Baby. Steps.

Have I learned anything yet from this experience, you might ask. No. Not yet. Aside from the fact that I have issues with being quiet?! I am disturbed by how much I crave noise. I want to fill the void with something, anything: pictures, entertainment, name it.

So off I go. Music will likely accompany me throughout this entire day. But as for the rest? It's tucked away, just out of reach. 

And just in case you're really worried about missing me. Have no fear. I will be blogging a heck of a lot more than I have in the past couple of years. I need some outlet. And blogging is on the list (thank you Jesus for blogging). I'll post my reflections, and I'll likely post pictures of Harry...because I have a compulsive need to share pictures of my child on the internet. 

As much as I joke about how hard this will be (and I know it will be), there is a part of me that is thrilled with this change. 

It feels like an adventure.

Saying that out loud makes me think I may need to get out more ;) 

Happy New Year! 

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about your journey as you go!