Monday, January 19, 2015

Ahoy Matey

We had a "swashbuckling" time at Harry's 3rd Birthday: PIRATE PARTY!

Lots of family and some of Harry's friends (plus their families). Add in a pirate book, a treasure hunt, lots of sugar...and we had one very happy pirate boy (and a really tired Mama)!

My mom's cousin Catherine pulled off the most INCREDIBLE pirate cookies of all time. Seriously...they made the party! (Thanks Catherine)!!!

Three candles for our (almost) THREE year old Harry!

The treasure. was BREATHTAKING!

Story time. Harry insisted on sitting on my lap, and since it was his party...I figured, why not?! :)

The Treasure Hunt...hilarious!

PIZZA :) Harry's favorite!

The PiƱata. I can't tell who was more into it, the kids or the parents ;) lol!

And then...the photo booth. My family got WAY MORE into it than the kids. These pictures will be sure to make an appearance from time to time...just for a good laugh!

All in went down without a hitch. I think that's the right phrase.

Happy Third Birthday Harrison Levi Matt!

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