Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mid-Week Inspiration :: My Craft Room

The lighting was really good on Monday afternoon and Harry finally managed to take a nap in his crib
(aka: not on my person, for the first time in several day). 


So to "celebrate" the sunlight and my momentary freedom, I took some photos, uploaded them to my computer,
and thought I'd share them with you today.

| the view from my desk |

| my washi tape collection is growing. love! |

| Harry has several piggy banks, but this is my favorite one :) |

| organization and chalkboards, two of my favorite things |

| favorite tray and printable iphone cover inserts |

| coffee in my favorite Christmas mug & my green journal, remnants of holiday cheer |

| a blessing in a cup, compliments of my hubby on a rough afternoon earlier this weekend |

| a few of my favorite cards, photos, and prints |

You can order the large aqua print (available in other colors as well) from my favorite Etsy shop :) or can start by just reading Katy's blog here...because she's awesome!

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