Tuesday, January 21, 2014

He's got what it takes

Harry slept in his own bed until two this morning. Pretty awesome considering the past four nights we have endured. He did wake a few times but went back to sleep (with Josh's comfort). He's been inconsolable since about 3:30 so I laid him back down in his crib and decided to just get ready for the day. He was crying in my arms and didn't really want my comfort anyway. 

As I got ready he was still crying off and on. I figured I could just sit and hold him for a while downstairs before getting him ready for school. 

But when I came down the hallway he was quiet. I almost crept in to check on him, but then I heard Josh's guitar.

Precious! Seriously melts my heart. 

After needing me for three days solid I think Harry just needed something different. I'm so thankful that Josh and I are different; that he can meet Harry's needs in a way that I can't. 

Just had to quickly type this out before I forget. I love moments like this and hate that it's so easy to forget them in an instant. 

| photo from earlier this fall |

Love witnessing the bond of these two share. 

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