Friday, January 10, 2014

10 on 10 :: January 2014

I started and ended my day in my craft room. Not going to lie, I got a little desperate for my tenth picture, so it's not the most original...but it's my view right before I plugged my camera into the computer to upload and type this post :)

As for today, it was an ordinary day, yet it was filled with wonder. My students got to participate in a belated "Polar Express" celebration, thanks to a snow day just before our winter break which put a wrench in the original plan. They "boarded" the polar express (ie: their chairs set up like a train), listened to the story (one of my favorite Christmas books) and were overjoyed with my attempt to punch holes in their tickets (not quite as fancy as the movie conductor, but I gave it my best effort).

Then we watched the movie, drank hot cocoa, took a break to continue reading an adventure chapter book we are in the middle of (and take notes in our "adventure notebooks"), and ended the school day with an amazing discovery: every child received a bell in their desk (something I "knew nothing about"...wink wink)! The last 30 minutes of the day were filled with ringing bells and kids shouting "I believe". So sweet! Not one first grader even mentioned the possibility that I may have had anything to do with the surprise bells. So. Stinking. Adorable!

It was just what I needed to end the first week back after break. Not quite the same as before Christmas, but still magical.

This evening I am enjoying some quiet with my little guy asleep, my hubby at work, and my ipad awaiting me (I've got to check out some of the other Ten on Ten sets, and catch up on my favorite TV show - Parenthood)!

There are dishes and laundry to be done, emails to catch up on, and bills to pay. But I'm ending today with blogs and a little "me" time!

My idea of a perfect Friday night!

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  1. These are so sweet -- even in January, the Polar Express sounded magical! :)
    I love the framed M photo -- the colors are bright, yet warm and cozy.
    Lovely set!