Tuesday, July 2, 2013

daily dose of summer | number 3

After a scorching hot day yesterday, we are glad that it's only 79 degrees in the house. 

I'm too embarrassed to show you how dirty our window sills were before I cleaned them today...but the after shot looks a TON better. Now I just need to clean the outsides of the windows. Another day ;)

For some fun we played at the park this morning and then I baked cookies while Harry napped. 

All of our windows are open and the breeze feels great, although I must be allergic to grass or something because I can't stop sneezing. Could also be the nasty gunk I cleaned out of the windows. Either way I'm just thankful for a cooler day and some down time at home!

•   •   •

How about you? Are you up to anything enjoyable or productive this lovely Tuesday? 

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