Friday, June 28, 2013

Sick Day (yesterday)

I woke up yesterday with horrible stomach pain. Ugh! I won't say much about it, because honestly no one wants to know...but I had to lay flat or be within a few feet of the bathroom all day. Yuck!

Thankfully Harry was a gem and took a good nap and played tantrums or anything! Josh came home for lunch to help a little, and my brother played with him in the afternoon. I managed to get through the day until Josh was home for the evening! Thank you Jesus! 

Today began with no more stomach pain! A serious answer to prayer! I did have a horrible headache when I woke up, to be expected after nearly 36 hours of laying down, but now I'm slowly becoming human again. It's amazing what being able to sit does ;) and thanks to a healthy breakfast smoothie I'm hoping to kick this to the curb and get on with summer! 

Also, sunshine today is the perfect medicine! 

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