Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with June. This year it's been particularly hectic with a toddler, wedding out of town that we went to, my brothers high school graduation festivities...not to mention report cards (that I need to start)! 

I am worn out. 

Here is a little iPhone photo dump, because I don't have anything thoughtful or eloquent to say ;)

Morning Harry is my favorite!

Oldie but goody. Such a chunk-master!!!

Peas. Everywhere. 

Just reversing my cop car and smashing all the peas. No big deal mom! ;)

Favorite bible app ever! :) Also love this verse!

Today was our Coast Guard field trip. 

No wonder I'm so exhausted! TGI(almost)W. I wish it were Friday already, but I'll take almost Wednesday. 

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