Monday, June 24, 2013

daily dose of summer | number 2

Might be hard to tell, this pic ended up being a little busy...but I'm getting my kitchen drawers wiped out and organized one at a time! Feels so good, and it's actually hard for me to stop at just one ;)

We're trying to really stick to a budget this summer which means no extra treats. That's why this macchiato was so enjoyable hubby surprised me with a treat compliments of a gift card he received for Father's Day. 

And after more meltdowns by a certain (almost) 17-month-old than I would like to admit...this coffee was much needed today!

This is the view from my couch right now, where I plan to hang out until bedtime. And no I don't plan on picking up a single toy. Josh is working and Harry is currently saying "no" in his crib because who wants to sleep when you've barely napped and are exhausted?! He'll be conked out in the next 15 minutes.


How was your Monday?! Hopefully you had an enjoyable and productive moment , even if the rest of your day was lame! ;)

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