Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Last Day

It's June 20th, and I'm awake which means....

No. More. Wake Ups. Until. SUMMER!


Today I say farewell to my fifth group of first graders. Which means (give or take) that I've had between about 125 students over the past five years.

How did that happen?!

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in wake up around the same time (thanks to Harry)...but the great thing is that I just get to be home. I will have time to clean my house (something I've been neglecting the past month, or two...) and most importantly spend time with my little man.

I'm so thankful right now! Working and being mom is a stretch at times, but I couldn't ask for a better career, seriously what other job guarantees that you get to have two months off every year and a few nice breaks in between?

Happy (almost) summer folks!

I'm also looking forward to getting crafty and posting about it here on my blog. So stay tuned. I know I've been quiet lately, but I've just needed to disconnect a bit. But I'm coming back.

Get ready! ;)

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