Sunday, June 23, 2013

daily dose of summer | number 1

My "goal" this summer is to do something ENJOYABLE  and PRODUCTIVE every day.

Instead of booking up my calendar with to-do's, I'm planning on taking life one day at a time and finding some balance as I go along. 

My vision for this is to be flexible...knowing that I can't do "it all" every day, but that I can do one small enjoyable thing, and something productive each day. This could be ranging from drinking a cup of tea to laying in the sun and reading a book. Or on the productive end, tidying up Harry's toys, putting the dishes away, cleaning up one messy drawer in the kitchen...basically most anything counts ;) I'm just choosing to claim a moment each day as being either enjoyable or productive.

This seems simple enough for me to manage. And I'll be (attempting to) post many of these small moments here on my blog. I'm not promising that I'll be consistent but let's shoot for a handful of posts highlighting my summer "goal"!

Here's to a summer of small moments to treasure!

.    .    .

Uploading photos on my computer is enjoyable to me. Especially when paired with dark chocolate! Don't judge ;)

This may be a "chore" but I'm considering it my productive deed of the day. Don't ask when it will all get put away, but it's clean and folded. Whew!


  1. I love this idea :)
    Hope your summer is relaxing and wonderful!
    (And dark chocolate is definitely a necessity to any task...)

  2. i love this! you are so fun!! seriously! maybe once i have baby i'll have more inspiration to write/blog... i just feel so boring! haha

    what app are you using to put text on your photos? i love it!

    p.s. i'd love to get together for a craft and chat day sometime! love you!!