Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Verse for Harrison

I was reading on The Anderson Crew a while back, about how she chooses a verse for each of her children. If I remember correctly, she chooses a new verse each year to really focus on as she prays for and with each of her (six!?!) kids.

She inspires me!

More than anything I want my son to know who Jesus is, and how much He loves him. Sure I'd like for him to help out with chores down the road, and be a good friend...but all of that will work itself out if Harry grows up knowing how deep God's love is for him.

As time continues to move (way to quickly), new stages will come up and I know there will be specific verses in Scripture that I will pray of Harrison. But since he was a baby here is the verse that has stuck with me, a "life verse" if you will that I pray will become a deep truth in Harry's life as grows up!