Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 on 10 :: July 2013 :: Better Late Than Never

We had a wonderful trip to California just after the 4th. We went with no agenda, other than spending time with family (and of course we wanted to enjoy the sunshine and water). And that's exactly what we did.

I will post later this week with photos to highlight our trip...but for now here are 10 photos from the 10th. It wasn't the most sunny day of our trip, but it was certainly an enjoyable one!

Morning fog and water.

Remnants of yesterday's fun!

Relaxing the morning away.

Road trip.

First impressions.

Unsure about the waves and sinking sand, but after a while he warmed up!

Overcast but beautiful.
{Laguna Beach, CA}

Waiting for a table for lunch.

Trying to keep him occupied at a restaurant.

Drumming with forks seemed to do the trick, for a little while at least. 

Leisurely lunches are hard with toddlers.

.    .    .

Click the Ten on Ten link on the sidebar for Rebekah's blog and more info about the project. My goal August is to actually post on the 10th ;)

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