Sunday, July 28, 2013

Letter: 1.5 years

Dear Harry,

Today you have been part of our family for 18 months. From the moment we found out I was pregnant with you though, we knew life would never be the same.

I was just looking through photos from the first few days after you were born and I came across this photo of us touching noses. I thought I knew in that moment how much I loved you, but it was only a glimpse of what was to come!

In the past year-and-a-half you have brought so much laughter into our lives. Now that you are a toddler, and no longer our little baby, we are getting to know your personality so much more. Most of the time you are sweet, observant, silly, and happy...but there have been moments lately where you have shown us that you're testing us to see if "no" really means no, and we're trying to be consistent in teaching you what it means to obey your parents. I'm sure there will be many meltdowns in the coming months as you try to communicate, and also push back to figure out our boundaries...but I am eagerly awaiting it all!

When you were just tiny, I used to cry because I couldn't bear the thought of you growing up and changing. I loved you just the way you were and didn't want anything to change. But now you're changing every day, and watching you become an independent little person is the most amazing blessing! Now I welcome each new stage, and try to savor whatever you're currently saying/doing because I know tomorrow you will be different once again.

We've traded sleepless nights for very busy and active days. Every morning when you wake up, and when I put you to bed I thank Jesus that he chose your Dad and I to be your parents. And I pray that you will grow to know your heavenly Father in a deep and meaningful way that will change the course of your life!

Every day you teach me to be patient. Thanks to you, I am learning to Be present in the moment and just enjoy it for what it is (even the hard moments when you are frustrated and showing it with tears and tantrums). I know that these days will be gone in a snap so I pray daily that God will help me treasure these memories in my heart forever. 

I've certainly taken enough photos to last a lifetime ;)

Happy half birthday my handsome little man. Thank you for all of the kisses, hugs, tickles (or as you say "tiki-tiki-tiki"), tears, dancing and giggles.

God has changed my life so much since you've been around, that I honestly can't quite remember what it was like before I became your mom. I am a work in progress, and I know there will be many lessons learned on my part as I continue to figure out how to be a godly wife and mom. Thankfully Jesus is full of grace for me in my parenting, and I pray that he'll teach me how to extend that grace to you as you continue to grow, learn, make mistakes and sinful choices. You are so dearly loved and I hope that as we keep growing as a family you know that above all God has created you with His purpose in mind. I believe that he has great plans for you and I trust that He will show you His deep and unconditional love as you continue growing day by day.

Summer is halfway over, which means we still have another month of adventures to enjoy together. And as we move into Fall and approach your birthday this coming Winter, I cannot wait to celebrate your second round of holidays. I can only imagine how much more fun it will be to get your dressed up for Halloween, celebrate your second Christmas, and to watch you turn another year older. 

Happy 18 month "birthday" Harrison Levi!

I love you with my whole heart, today and always (especially on the hard days)!

Love you bud,


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