Sunday, July 21, 2013


After I layed him down for bed, Harry was jabbering to himself in his crib for awhile, but his conversation with himself soon turned to tears. I'm not a stickler when it comes to sleep. Every night is different...sometimes he cries for a few minutes and then is out like a light. Other times he cries for a while but eventually goes to sleep. Most of the time he's asleep within a few minutes of being put to bed. I tried thought about "sleep training" for about a day and figured out that it didn't work for we kind of went with the flow for a while and thankfully Harry has become a pretty good sleeper in his own way.

With that being said, there are nights like tonight when he has trouble getting to sleep. I let him cry for a while, waiting to see if he'd get to sleep on his own, but for whatever reason "crying it out" was not working. His sobs were just getting worse so I went in and gave him some snuggles. When he gets like this I usually pray for/with him and apparently that's just what he needed. He can now say amen after I pray (which seriously melts my heart). After "amen-ing" himself to sleep (literally saying "amen" over and over until he was asleep and whispering it to himself) he is currently snoring in my arms and it was too sweet of a moment to not write down.

So I'm blogging from my phone and enjoying his snuggly snores. Someday he'll be going off to college and rolling his eyes at me because I'm his mom. But for now he loves to snuggle so I better take advantage! ;)

This boy is such a wonderful (exhausting) blessing! I'm so thankful that I get to be his mama!!! 

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