Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week in Review + HARRY WALKS!

Last Saturday, Harry took eight steps.

Monday my phone got stolen...and I've been without my trusty photo/video/instagram companion (aka my iphone).

The rest of the week has been quiet. Not much technology going on for me because, hello...getting on the computer is a lot more work than engaging in the internet via my phone. Also no texting/phone calls gave me lots of "unplugged" time to just be.

It has been sunny ALL week! Wahoo!

The rest of my school year is officially on two pages. Summer is coming FAST and I honestly cannot wait. I think there are only 37 work days left. But I'm not counting ;)

Now I've got my LG Envy3 (spelling?) reactivated so I can text and talk on the phone. It feels like I'm living back in the dark ages, but least I can communicate with people in the outside world. Unless I met you anytime after January that case I do not have your contact info in my phone. So email me with your digits and I will remedy that (Karla...if you read my blog, I'm talking to you)!

And the Verizon store while we waited for my archaic phone to be linked to my phone number again (drumroll please).....


And he wouldn't stop. He kept getting up and trying again.  And he got cranky if you picked him up because HE WANTED TO WALK.

This is a miracle.

And then he fell asleep in the car on the way home because walking is exhausting when you've never really done it. Also, he's gotten a lot of fresh air lately.

It's 9:07 and I'm SO ready for this week to be over because it's been LONG. But I'm thankful for many things, even on the hard days.

And I think I'm going to officially say that my son can walk now. Just shy of 15 months.

This summer is going to be a good workout for me, chasing after my toddler. How do I have a toddler?!

Here's a "high quality" picture I took with my old new phone tonight:

Happy Friday!

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