Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 on 10 :: April 2013

This week has been trying; today was the hardest.

After another sleepless night (the fifth in a row) I woke up dreading Ten on Ten. I usually love this day each month, especially when it falls on a day off...but I knew it would be a challenge to see the beauty in today.

Despite my son's ongoing cough (long story, more on that later) there were so many moments today that were worth capturing. These photos really took me by surprise.

I am thankful for the reminder today that I am blessed, even in the midst of challenges, to live this life.

Time to be creative.
Flowers from a friend.
Doctor's appointment.
Sick sweetheart.
Finally fell asleep.
Sun and reflections.
Spilt water.
Laundry piles.
Overgrown grass.

.    .    .

How was your day? 

Were you able to find some beauty?

I'm thankful for Rebekah and her vision to find beauty in our daily lives. Check out her blog A Bit of Sunshine, and the rest of the Ten on Ten sets, here.


  1. Beautiful pictures. What a cute baby boy! Those cheeks! :) I love how even though you've had a rough week, you looked for beauty and found it. Maybe we should do 10 on 10 everyday. Or, at least, hard days.

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. The cheeks do kill me, every day (can't get enough)!! I agree about doing 10 on 10 on hard days, now instead of only remembering the challenges, I have some lovely photos and moments to remember as well! Hope you're having a GREAT day Carrie! I'm excited to check out your photos!