Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snapshots of Today

Harry needs a haircut. This boy has a LOT of hair and it grows fast. This is something he gets from both Josh and I. He's going in tomorrow morning to get his second haircut. I. Cannot. Wait!

His nails also grow at a superhuman rate, something he gets from his Dad.

Lately, Harry has been doing a funny bear crawl...which we've heard is a sign that he's getting closer to walking. He walks around the furniture and has even been caught standing on his own a time or two. I still think we're looking at another month or so before he's really walking, but at least he's moving in the right direction.

He's a professional stairs climber. He can get halfway up in just a few seconds. His mischievous giggle is a dead giveaway though...he thinks he's being so sneaky, but we're onto him!

After a whirlwind of teething between 6-8 months, we had a nice little break. But now we're right back into it. This time with molars. Thankfully one of them just barely broke the skin last night (which was a rough one for Harry) so I'm hoping that means we're on the home stretch (for these couple of teeth at least). I am looking forward to him being done with this aspect of baby/toddler-hood! I can only imagine how painful it is, and while I love the extra snuggles...we both need a good night sleep.

As I'm sure you can tell from his massive amounts of chub...this boy has always enjoyed drinking milk and eating food. But ever since he got sick at 11-months he's been a lot pickier about his food. He only wants to feed himself, but doesn't always want to try new things. I'm really bummed that he doesn't like avocado anymore (used to be his absolute favorite)! But I'm hopeful that as he gets better at feeding himself he'll start eating more, and will enjoy some of the foods he used to love but doesn't want to eat much of anymore.

He is a chatterbox. So far the words Harry says the most include: mama, mom, dada, dad, roar, uh oh, yes, yeah, moo, wow, whoa, quack (cack), baba, and I swear he's even said "all done"...or something like it (aka: ah duh). Josh didn't believe me, but he just did it! :)

High fives and kisses (open mouthed and full of slobber) are also among his favorite things.

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