Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bath-time Adventures

Harry woke up with a runny nose so taking him to the church nursery wasn't an option. The next best plan for a Sunday morning, besides going to church (thankfully I can listen to our church's sermons online) was a bath.

At least a bath seemed like a good idea, until Harry decided to poop in the tub.

Gross and funny at the same time. Moments like this as a parent just make me laugh. What else can you do.

I won't go into the details, but as you can imagine we had to cut his bath short.
Thankfully my second attempt at bathing him went much better this evening. The only adventures we had tonight involved splashing and rubber ducks.

Hopefully we won't be having the poopy kind of bath adventures anymore.

And because it's hard to resist posting a pic, here's Harry and I walking around the house, trying to ease the discomfort of cutting molars.

What a day!?!

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