Saturday, December 13, 2014

LOVE in action :)

I don't like to get too mushy on here. But this is pretty much the most romantic thing a husband can do: clean up the house!

I'm serious. When life is crazy and I'm overwhelmed, my desire to keep things clean and organized goes out the window. Throw an almost three year old in the mix and it looks like there's been a tornado running through my home on most days. 

Tonight after being gone all day and riding in the car for about 5 hours total, I came home to a tidy house. Thank you Jesus for a husband who saw my desperate need and filled it. Such a blessing!

I'm not bragging to make you all think our marriage is perfect. It's honestly far from it...but I am sharing because I tend to focus on the things that need changing/fixing in my marriage, not the things that are going well. And tonight I wanted to document the thankfulness I feel for Josh's help today. 

Thanks honey! I SO APPRECIATE you!