Sunday, December 7, 2014

Am I Imagining Things?

I recently started an epic Netflix TV show extravaganza (i.e. The complete Gilmore Girls series). I actually never watched it when it was on TV, but I love the main actresses and now I'm hooked. 

Poor Josh! His mom watched the show for years so he's seen far too much of it ;)

Anyway, in an episode I watched tonight (after Harry went to bed) while doing laundry and dishes the following scene popped up:

That's Sookie (spelling?) and a guest star...who I'm 99.9% positive is the Air Marshall in the movie, Bridesmaids. If you've seen it you might be cracking up right now! Especially if you watched the strange clip of these two after the credits of Bridesmaids 😂😂😂😂😂! 

Highly inappropriate but seriously HILARIOUS! 


  1. Yes it is. He's married to Melissa McCarthy in real life!

  2. Tim just told me they're married :) I love it! Can't wait to binge watch this show...