Saturday, April 26, 2014

Letter: 2 years (+ a few months)

Dear Harrison,


Well actually a little more few months more than two years. I intended to write this letter on your actual birthday. Then days turned to weeks, and now it's well into spring and you are WELL INTO BEING TWO.

But I am finally here. Sitting down to write this little letter to my not so little toddler.

I think I've been dragging my feet for several reasons:
  1. Actually writing this letter means that you're growing up. No longer my baby, but fully my little boy. And I love it, but it is also sad to me how fleeting this life is. I'm trying to savor it all as much as I can! But time keeps marching on...
  2. In my head I have struggled with what exactly I want to write here. It's hard to summarize the past year, or even six-months into a concise letter that you (or anyone else) would probably want to read. So instead I am going to just write from my heart, about where we are at right now in this season of our family.
You love trains, cars, planes...basically any kind of vehicle. Lately you've been enjoying school busses and the garbage truck on our way to and from school. Your favorite position to play is laying on the floor, making your trains go "woo hoo" and zooming them around. They also go "cash" a lot!

You also love Disney/Pixar characters. Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, and Mater from Cars have been your longtime favorites, but you are also very fond of Nemo these days. Your pediatrician's office has two fish tanks and you LOVE looking for Nemo whenever we go in! You also know all the names of the Thomas trains. We bought tickets to go see the real live Thomas the train this summer, and I cannot wait to see your excitement when we actually get to ride on Thomas. It will be a pretty exciting day!

You can string so many words together, it honestly amazes us! It's crazy how fast you are picking up phrases and using new words you learn in the appropriate context. We get a lot of laughs at the things that come out of your mouth. The past couple of weeks you've been really enjoying the "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" song. Every time we sing it, he has a horse. Over, and over, and over! You also love reading books and putting puzzles together. You're getting pretty good at the puzzles we have, so I think it's time we get some more challenging ones.

One day after work I made the "mistake" of wanting to run and exercise outside. You had a blast chasing me up and down our street. I call it a mistake because now when we get home from school you are always asking me to "run, mama run!" This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are some days when we have things going on in the evening and it just doesn't work out to run around outside (which usually makes you cry until we find something fun to do inside while I get dinner going).

You love dancing and playing around. You like to hide and think it's hilarious when we "find" you. You also enjoy helping out by passing out blankets to anyone sitting on the couch (especially at your Grandma and Papa Lamb's house). Tonight you were piling pillows up on Papa when he was sitting on the couch and couldn't stop cracking up. It was pretty funny!

Counting and talking about letters is also something you enjoy. You already recognize several letters (H, P, and W are the three I've noticed you recognizing most often). Whenever you see letters on clothing or signs you are so enthusiastic to point them out. You even like watching the credits at the end of a movie because you see so many letters. It honestly makes me giddy to think about teaching you to read someday (not too far from now...I swear, I will blink and you'll be in school)!

I could seriously go on and on my sweet boy. You are such a fun little person to spend time with. And despite moments when time-out is needed (and the occasional tantrum) you are such a tender-hearted little fellow. One of the moments I can't stop smiling about since you turned two was the first night you called me back into your room for more kisses.  We call them "smoochies" and you said "more smoochies mama". How could I resist that?!

Harrison Levi Matt. I love you so much! You made me a mama and keep reminding me of God's amazing grace and love that He would bless me with the honorable job of raising you up. This Easter I decided to start a new tradition. I chose a verse from the Bible to pray over you for the next year. When next Easter rolls around I will choose a new verse. I am so excited to be praying intentionally over your life...and it's a tradition I hope to continue throughout our whole lives. Someday when you get married and hopefully have some babies of your own I want to do the same for them. I love you and believe that God has good things in store for your life. And I know that there will be hard things too, but I also know that Jesus is there to help us carry those burdens. It is my greatest hope and desire to see you experience the love of God as you grow up. So here is the verse that I'll be praying over you this year:

Ephesians 4:2 :: Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

It's funny, but as I've been praying this verse over you, God has given me many opportunities to also live it out as your mama. I think we both need extra patience and the remind to bear with each other through the challenging moments. That's how we will show our love to those around us most, by being humble and loving even when it isn't easy.

I love you when you are sweet and snuggly, and I love you when you are tired and cranky. No matter what I will love you, not perfectly, but with the love that God has given me I hope to love you well.

You're sound asleep right now as I finally get this letter typed up and posted. Good night and sweet dreams to my little mister!

Love always,


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