Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally Getting Around... admitting that mid-winter break is over.

I just couldn't bring myself to post my weekly phone pics on Friday because I didn't want the week to end. But a new week is more than halfway over, and I figured today is as good a time as any to get these photos off my phone and onto the ol' blog.

Here's a peek into the last 10 days or so around the Matt household!

| bouncing it up with Landon at their friend Brooklyn's third birthday party |

| pizza and juice with his favorite buddy, literally cries every time we say goodbye |

| bubbles and trains, story of our lives |

| matchy matchy |

| love this simple and powerful reminder each morning |

| lots of pencils, and Michael Scott to entertain me while I sharpened them |

| more train time, "kung foo" (aka: coming through) |

| Bible and breakfast time |

| "Mama, I need paint!" |

| post bath snuggles in the coziest blanket (thanks Aunt Jenn) |

| ...are you noticing a theme?! (hint: TRAINS) |

| life is exhausting sometimes |

| my version of naptime during break |

| my love <3 p="">

| Auntie Tammy and Harry...and lots of raspberry fingers |

| last day of vacation, we enjoyed a YUMMY breakfast together |

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