Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Small Details

Everyone asks me who I think Harrison looks like. In all honesty I have a hard time telling whether any baby looks more like their mom or dad (unless the baby is a spitting image of either parent). I think Harry looks a lot like many different people in our family.

He gets his blonde hair from his Daddy's side (Josh was a very blonde little boy). But my sister was really fair too, and so were both of our mom's.

He has hairy arms, legs, and toes which come from my family, especially my Grandpa Horner (he's the hairiest person I've ever met).

I think he has my eyes.

And there are moments when he looks just like my brother Griffin when he was a baby too.

Mostly I just think he looks like himself.

There are two small details in Harrison's appearance that nobody would ever notice but Josh and I. My finger nails kind of curve out at the ends (hard to explain) but I noticed the other day that Harrison's do the same thing. And Josh has this little "tuft" of hair in between his eyebrows (blonde, so you hardly notice it) and Harrison has the exact same feature.

Having a baby is a crazy thing. I'm sure it'll really throw me off when he starts talking someday and says things just the way we do. I've heard that having kids is like looking into the mirror sometimes. I guess it's never too early for Harry to start taking in the way Josh and I handle things, interact with each other, etc.

Anyway, just wanted to jot down a couple of small details about Harrison's appearance that I don't want to forget.

Of note this week:

  • He's gotten his next two teeth in. Now he has a total of four, but five and six are starting to make their way down. His gums are swollen and I can see the start of these next teeth pushing their way to the surface.
  • Harry used the sign for "more" once this week while eating. My mom saw it too (so I'm not exaggerating) although Josh doesn't believe me. Hopefully he'll do it again soon for Daddy to see!
  • He has just noticed that his hands make a "waving" motion. You know the baby wave when the open and shut their fingers. He stares at his hand while doing it (but for some reason he keeps his index finger straight). He doesn't know that he is "waving" yet but it sure is cute watching him figure out how his body works.
  • Harrison is quite the star at my Grandpa's rehabilitation center. Everyone stops us when we go down the hallway to ooh and ahh over Harry's chubby legs and blue eyes. He is very smiley and seems to enjoy the attention. This morning we met Trudy and Virginia who were delighted to spend a few minutes chatting with Harry and I.
  • This is my last week of summer. I can't believe that Harry's first summer is almost over. While I love my job and am thrilled with the fact that my good friend Hilary will be taking (amazing) care of Harrison while Josh and I are at work this year...I'm still in denial about the fact that it's almost Fall. This week Josh has seven days off and we plan on enjoying every moment we can before the craziness of the school year begins...so if I'm not around here much, you'll know it's just because I'm getting extra snuggles from the two men in my life!
I'll definitely be back with Harrison's 7 month letter. Can't believe he's already going to be 7 months old. 

I did some cleaning today and reorganized my big storage closet upstairs. Despite my mixed feelings about summer being over so soon, I am excited to break out my Fall decor and share my favorite time of year with Harrison. This year the Holidays are going to be extra special!

Here's a photo to reward you for getting to the end of this long and random post!

Here's Harry at his cousin Zoe's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Check out those guns!

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