Monday, August 13, 2012

Counting Blessings: My Grandpa

Well the past few days have been overwhelming to say the least. My Grandpa has been in the hospital. For years now he's struggled with dementia, mostly just failing to come up with a word or name when he's trying to tell a story.  But on Friday evening things changed drastically.

He didn't know where he was, or who my Grandma was (his wife of 50 years). He kept demanding that she take him home and wouldn't listen when she told him that he was home and that she was his wife.


Turns out he doesn't really have demntia. And he didn't have a stroke.

My Grandpa has a blockage in the arteries in the back of his brain. He remains confused (although he does know who my Grandma is now, thankfully). Sometimes he knows where he is, but most often he says things that don't make sense.  He has always been such an intelligent and articulate man, so seeing him like this is hard to say the least. And the sad thing is that it doesn't sound like there is anything that can be done to fix the problem or return his mind to its former state.

I find myself crying and laughing. It's all you can do. Especially when he tells us that the reason he is in the hospital is because of a plane accident in which he (the pilot) had to land the airplane on the roof of the airport. He has claimed to be a Lutheran Bishop (even though he was really a Presbyterian Minister for much of his life).

Probably the hardest part is when he sees things that aren't really there (like pictures on the wall, and cats in the room). We're pretty sure he was eating one of his favorite ice cream bars last night even though he was just grasping for air.

Please pray for my sweet Grandpa and my Grandma during this time. We are trying to figure out a plan for the near future which will include rehab of some sort.  My Grandma is tired, but supported by family and friends. I'm sure you can imagine how scary and overwhelming it all is to her though.

Even though I'm not sure he knows exactly who Harry is, he is really enjoying seeing him each day. I am SO THANKFUL that it's still summer vacation and I can spend my days with my Grandparents.

Life is so short and I find myself thanking God for all of the many blessings I enjoy each day. My Grandpa has lived 80 long and fulfilling years and I know that someday he'll be returning home to be with Jesus. Knowing that he will have a new mind and new body that works perfectly brings me so much peace and hope, even when it hurts to watch him like this. More than anything else, what I know about my Grandpa is that he lived his life as a follower of Christ and I am comforted to know that he will be able to not only meet Jesus face to face, but also worship him eternally in a place with no sickness, pain, or tears. I really can't imagine watching my Grandpa like this without the hope of Jesus.

Here is a picture of my Grandpa holding little Harry when he was about a month old.  Grandpa's eyes were closed, but I love seeing him holding my little guy.

Today he kept telling Harrison, "We're going to be good friends, you and I".

It makes me tear up just typing it out.

I'm so thankful for my amazing Grandparents.  And thank you so much for your prayers!


  1. Thank you for sharing Krysta. I've been praying for you, your family, and your grandparents ever since I saw he was in the hospital. I love that your family and my family both have incredible grandparents that were/are married 50+ years and loved family dearly. I remember your grandma and grandpa at SO many of your functions and they were so kind to our family. Hold on to those amazing and happy memories that you have with him and write them down! Read Matthew 6:34 when you feel like it's getting hard to carry on. Prayers are coming your way!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love what he tells Harry, definitely a tear jerker. Prayers being said for your family and I am so glad you are getting to spend time with him each day.

  3. Thanks Krysta for updating everyone of the status of your granddad. Stay strong in the strength that comes from knowing that our Lord God is watching over your parents. I have my grandkids with me until the 19th and they don't have passports to cross the border so I will come down on the 20th to see them.

    Until then God Bless