Monday, April 25, 2016

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Ellis was born on Wednesday April 20, 2016 at 3:10am. I'm going to post his birth story soon, but for now there are just so many sweet little moments I want to jot down so I don't forget them in the haze of being sore and tired...and contantly feeding a new baby.

• The soft velvety feeling of Ellis' head when I rub if with my hand (or my lips/face while plastering him with kisses. 

• Speaking of kisses, his neck is the BEST SPOT! I love to kiss him on his neck and up onto his cheeks. So squishy and delicious!

• His sweet new baby smell. He hasn't even had a bath yet and he smells incredible! "New Car" smell has nothing on "New Ellis"!

• His calm demeanor. Whether he's sleeping or just taking it all in, he's a pretty quiet little guy. He hardly fusses. Such a blessing! 

• The sweet little voice Harry uses to talk to Ellis. It makes me want to cry and laugh and burst because it is SO precious!

• The way Ellis  l o v e s  to be swaddled. It instant th calms him if he's "upset" which is not really that upset to begin with...but this boy loves a good swaddle.

• The quiet early morning moments when it's just Ellis and I. Everyone else is asleep  and he and I can just snuggle and take each other in. 

• How big Harry seems now that Ellis is here. At four I have been long past thinking of Harry as a baby, but still he seems gigantic now that he's a brother. 

• The little moments when Harry has an attitude or a rude tone of voice. When he gets overly emotional about small things because, seriously...adding a family member is a HUGE adjustment! I can't wait to be healed up from my surgery enough to drive so I can take Harry somewhere just us two and have some quality time together. My love for him has expanded even more watching him become a brother; more than anything else I just want Harry to know how loved and important he is to us in the midst of this gigantic change!

• The shock of going into labor before my planned c-section...and the completely different experience I had this time around. Getting to see and hold him right away was magical! And then to have two solid hours of skin-to-skin time with Ellis was so good for both of us!

• I'm sure there are many more things I'll want to share, but got now this is a good start!

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