Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Fun!

So Harry, Josh and I have been having an awesome summer so far! I always get a little sad as August approaches because it means school is just around the corner.  But trying to think of the glass as half full, I am reminding myself that I still have HALF of my summer LEFT! I know it'll go by fast, but I'm continuing (to try at least) to savor every moment.  

I love watching my boys hang out. As soon as Josh gets home from work, and Harrison hears his voice I'm as good as chopped liver. In the evenings he only has eyes for his Daddy. Well he will smile for my camera every now and then (but Josh doesn't enjoy being photographed...if I get him to "pose" it's always blue steel (if you haven't watched the movie Zoolander, go watch it and you'll understand Josh's photo "pose).

Whenever Harry is focused on something, or just chilling out, his bottom lip is out. Maybe he's following Josh's lead when it comes to "smiling" for the camera. Sometimes people think he's about to cry, but generally this is just his laid back look.

The last really sunny day we got out the kiddie pool! So fun. I'm just dying for another hot day so we can take advantage. Harrison loves it and it gets me out in the sun too. 

We love evening walks (don't worry I put his stroller canopy thing down to keep the sun out of his eyes, after the photo)!

Sitting AND reading! 


It is hilarious when he's sitting in a chair or on the couch and sporadically tips over. I can't help but catch it on camera. The top photo is from his 6 month photo shoot and the bottom one is because that adorable Christmas sweater (size 12 months) certainly won't fit come December. Who am I kidding, it barely fit a couple weeks ago when I took this photo. Our boy is practically growing out of his 18 month clothing!

Another one of my favorite poses. The slouch! This is when I know I've taken a few too many pictures because he's ready to do something else and kind of pushes himself down to the edge of the couch.

Here's to a WHOLE MONTH left of summer vacation. Plus Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and introducing Harry to all of the fun and traditions that come along with the Holiday Season will be amazing! So even when summer is over, life will still be good. It'll be great even! I'm just not ready for it yet.

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