Saturday, July 28, 2012

(not so) Sweet Dreams

Last night I told Josh that I was excited to watch the divers in the Olympics this year. That plus the book I've been reading about WWII (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand) made for a crazy dream. I'd probably have forgotten it of Harry hadn't woken me up just now for a 2:30 am snack (trying to find a silver lining in the whole sleep deprivation thing).

Anyway, back to my dream. I was a dive bomber in the air force and my mission was to do a perfect dive from an airplane and land in a submarine in the pacific ocean...without getting hit by enemy fire. Talk about scary, and a lot of pressure!?!

Thankfully I'm awake and cozy in my son's room, rocking and feeding him. But man I was sweating bullets a few minutes ago. It felt so real!

On a completely different note. Exactly six months ago, we were just checking into the hospital. My water broke around 1:00 am so I think by about 2:45 we were getting set up in our room with the sweetest nurse, Brooke. I cannot believe it has already been six months.

[The first photo I took of Harrison]

Tomorrow I'll be posting my six month letter to Harry at exactly 6:19 pm (the actual time he was born). If you missed his birth story, check it out here.

Hope you're having sweeter dreams than I've had tonight!

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