Saturday, July 28, 2012

Letter: Month Six

Dear Harrison,
Pure joy!
These two words completely summarize how I feel about you, and all the time we’ve spent together this summer. Being a mama is tiring, and harder than it looks (especially since you’ve been getting up more in the night the past week or so), but the joy that comes as a result makes it completely worth it.
This month you are officially halfway to your first birthday. How is that possible? It doesn’t seem like six months ago that your Daddy and I were at the hospital meeting you face-to-face for the first time.
[Here you are laying on the boppy your first week home, and again just last week!]
You have changed SO much since that day. Just this past month you have become so grown up. You can now sit up on your own (with only the occasional tip-over) and you’re enjoying the solid foods we’ve introduced (so far you’ve eaten brown rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and peas…but avocados are next, I just pureed some for you this afternoon). At restaurants you can sit in a high chair and you’ve been in a shopping cart a few times (although it’s easier to just strap you in the ergo and wear you while I shop).
It’s been fun to watch you develop preferences for things. You have this little bunny stuffed animal that you really love. Its ears must be just the right size and texture because you love to chew on them (I’ve already had to wash the poor bunny on multiple occasions). You fight taking naps, but usually only for a minute or two; a few pushes in the stroller, rocks in our arms, or a minute in the swing usually does the trick. You like your binky more now than ever, but only if you’re tired or upset. You still LOVE the bath and enjoy getting your diaper and/or clothes changed.
Two of my favorite things lately are:
  1. That you go crazy in the car whenever we drive through a wooded area. You seem to really enjoy the leaves on the trees. I’m excited for you to experience the changes that come with Fall. There are so many trees near our house that I think you’ll really love taking walks in October.
  2. You have developed a fake “cough” and you love to do it over and over again. You get especially excited if we mimic you; for some reason you think it’s fun to go back and forth coughing at each other.

What else can I say about our six-month-old boy? Well you are still the biggest baby we’ve met. While you’re a sitting star, you still can’t roll over yet. We thought maybe by today you’d get the hang of it, but no such luck. The thing is we barely help you and you’re over, but you just don’t seem to want to do it on your own. When you’re on your belly though you push off on your feet and can get your bum in the air. You can also kind of scoot backwards/around in a circle (neither of which gets you any closer to the toys you’re eyeing…but it means you’re getting stronger and stronger).
The big highlight of July was our trip to Florida, which was quite the experience. In one week’s time you rode on four planes, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, took a dip in the pool, went to SeaWorld and Universal Studios (Harry Potter World was the BEST), and you attended a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and a wedding! Oh and you helped us celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. When we got home I needed a vacation from our vacation, but it was a total blast. Even though you won’t remember any of it, we took a million (okay maybe just a couple hundred) pictures so we can show you someday.
Well Little Mister, we’ve still got one month left of summer. I am SO THANKFUL that I get to spend so much time with you during one of the best seasons of the year. And this season in your little life is proving to be one of the best so far. You are such a happy boy, and always making us laugh. The past six months have been the absolute best because of you. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with you. I know it’s probably getting old hearing that but I can’t say it enough!
I love you more today than ever! Happy Half-Birthday little guy…six months from today we’ll be celebrating the first of many birthdays to come. WAHOO!!!
Love Always,

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