Saturday, May 31, 2014


TUESDAY was a big day for us. After months and months of ongoing ear infections, talking with multiple doctors, and eventually meeting with an ear, nose, and throat specialist...we knew it was time to come up with a better solution for Harrison. His hearing was being impaired by the fluid in his middle ear, and frankly...we were tired of putting him on medicine that would only clear up the problem for a week or two before he'd start getting another infection.

[ "Catch Daddy" ]

It was a bit scary, mostly because he had to be put under anesthesia, but he was such a brave little guy! We got up early and drove to Seattle to the surgery center at the Polyclinic. The staff was friendly and reassuring...and Harry was only a bit cranky for a few minutes here and there (he did great considering he couldn't eat or drink anything prior to the surgery). We decided to have Josh go back with him because I knew I would be too emotional, it was honestly harder on me than on Harrison.

[ He was bouncing around the waiting room like a wild man! ]

When it was time to go, Harry led the way through the door (as if he owned the place) and Josh said he took a couple of breaths with the mask and was sleeping within 20 seconds. Such a relief! I had visions of him throwing a tantrum and not taking the mask, but he did awesome! Josh came out and sat with me. It was about 10 minutes or so before the surgeon came out and said the procedure was finished and went perfectly. A few minutes after that I went back to find him snuggled in a blanket resting on the shoulder of the sweetest nurse. He was groggy but very happy (especially when she offered him some apple juice and animal crackers). Josh joined us and after a few minutes of sitting with him, we carried him down to the car and headed home.

A movie, lunch, and a nice long nap later...and he was back to his normal energetic self. He put together some puzzles, ran around, drove/flew his cars, trains, and superheroes all over the house and went to bed like normal (including his usual tears when we finally put the books away and have to actually go to bed...he's already trying to extend bedtime by begging for more stories). He was out like a light, and has been sleeping like a log every night since (four nights in a row now).

We have to go back in a couple of weeks to make sure that everything looks good, but so far I am so impressed with how easy it all was. I am honestly SO THANKFUL to Jesus for giving us peace about taking this step, and putting us in the hands of knowledgeable doctors who helped us make the right decision for our son. What I'm most excited about in the coming weeks is to see how this impacts his day-to-day life. I really don't know what it's like to have a kid who isn't in a constant cycle of either getting an ear infection, or recovering from one. It will be such a nice change of pace to enjoy the health that this procedure is supposed to bring (still praying that it all works the way it's supposed to).

Thanks to all who prayed with us for Harrison leading up to his surgery, and over the past week. I know this is NOTHING compared to what so many parents have to face in regard to surgeries and medical issues with their kids, but it's been a trial for that I am thankful seems to be nearly over!

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