Friday, March 21, 2014

Insta-Friday: Catch All

Just realized it's been several weeks since I last posted my phone pics here on the ol' blog. Prepare to be overloaded! ;)

Here's my weekly almost a month's worth of iPhone photos, 
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life rearranged

Happy Friday folks! :)

| beautiful sky a couple weeks ago |

| family time over the weekend |

| one last hug before heading to home to go to bed - and before Grandma and Papa headed off for a CRUISE |

| constantly driving vehicles around the house |

| thankfully he hasn't tried this on any of our walls (!) |

| Harry loves pizza...almost as much as his Mama |

| two peas in a pod...seriously :) |

| dinner out with his other Grandma and Papa |

| just a typical evening for us...outside running; also rain is fairly typical around here as well |

| a Friday morning selfie, last Friday two Friday's ago... it's been a while since I posted an "Insta-Friday"|

| Harry is convinced that his friend Landon is at every park we go to; this kid didn't seem to mind being chased around and called "Lan-In" ;) hahaha! |

| passed out after seeing Grandma and Papa for the first time since their cruise; loving his new Jesse doll that they brought back from the Disney Cruiseline |

| first worm sighting for Harry (and maybe for Landon too?) |

| this one cracks. me. UP! |

| he wants to be just like his favorite buddy Landon |

| report cards and Bridesmaids; the airplane scene is my FAVORITE |

| not sure what happened here...but I kind of love it :) also, Harry's eyes = AMAZING! |

| SUNSHINE, CHERRY BLOSSOMS, and being OUTSIDE with my little man :) PURE JOY! |

| not sure what my expression is all about in this photo, but love the blue sky and budding trees |

.    .    .

And here come the most hilarious (to us at least) photos that we took last Friday using my iPad's Photo Booth app. 

Seriously. HILARIOUS!!!!

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  1. That first picture is so stunning!! And I LOVE the worm pictures - so precious. :)