Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I read this post over at Jones Design Company this morning, and decided to play along.

LOVING my "autumn festival" candle. I've been lighting it every morning when I ready my Bible and write in my journal.

READING Confessions of a Latter Day Virgin. I love memoirs and have really enjoyed reading about the author's journey to figure out who she is in relation to her religious upbringing. I need to start Where'd You Go Bernadette for the book club my coworkers just started.

WAITING FOR things to settle down at school so I can feel more "normal". It's starting to settle, but I'm not quite in my groove yet. It'll happen...eventually! ;)

EXCITED ABOUT the fact that it is finally cold enough to wear scarves and boots. I love summer, but once school starts I am ready for FALL!

TRYING TO take things one. day. at. a. time. It's hard, but honestly the only way I can make it through this month.

WORKING ON making a list of 1,000 things I'm thankful for. It's inspired by a book I've seen a lot of people referencing on instagram (#1000gifts). I've never read the book, and likely won't, but I like the way I am changing my thinking to be more grateful. Perfect way to prepare my heart for the upcoming holidays!!

ENJOYING the new cinnamon flavored coffee creamer I bought. I like the Natural Bliss brand of creamer (supposed to be all natural ingredients). Their new cinnamon one just tastes like fall. And it's cheaper than grabbing a latte on the way to work!

USING a new green journal and ultra-fine tip sharpie pens. I love school/office supplies!

WEARING a black dress, brown boots, and a fun infinity scarf. Yes, I mix brown and black...and I like it! (My middle school self would cringe at the thought of mixing these two colors) :)

PLANNING a technology training I'm leading at work tomorrow...and many lessons for my students - reading, writing, math, name it ;)

NEEDING a housekeeper. Or maybe just a cleaning fairy who could magically deep clean my house. For free!

LEARNING about GRACE and just how amazing Jesus is in the way He lavishes it on me!

LISTENING TO the latest Mars Hill sermon since I didn't make it into church on Sunday. Good to have Pastor Mark back in the pulpit...though I REALLY loved the summer guest preachers. 

DOING too many things, and attempting to do them at once. I took a break from to-do lists this summer...but my desk is covered with sticky notes. Hopefully I can get some checked off my list!

DREAMING OF meeting all the babies that will be born to my friends in the next year. I seriously know a dozen (if not more) pregnant ladies right now! Crazy!!! Praying for you daily girls...and for your sweet babes!

.    .    .

Now it's your turn! 

Comment with a link to your post so I can check in on what's going on in your life these days! :)


  1. I love these! :)
    Exited about your 1000gifts list! I've been following along with the "Joy Dare" which provides a few prompts a day:
    Might need to try that Cinnamon creamer...sounds delicious!
    Fun to see what you're up to - thanks for sharing! *Currently* working on mine :)

  2. Good list! I love this season... lots of change but lots of cuddly, snuggly moments :)