Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Of Late...

[At almost 14 months, here are some notes on no particular order]

He stands for about 90% of his bath. He is more confident in his standing ability during bath-time for some reason.

He has 11 teeth!

The only steps he's taken are with assistance (from furniture, people, or this little walking toy we borrowed from a family member - Thanks Denise!).

He likes to hit, especially me. I've tried time out a few times...but I'm still trying to figure out this whole "discipline" thing.

Last night he kept saying something that sounded like "Hi Dad". Hilarious and adorable!

Climbing stairs, and guitars, are pretty much the most exciting things ever invented.

Harry drums. On everything. Literally EVERYTHING!

He enjoys dancing and knows which toys play his favorite songs. He also sings along sometimes in a soft voice (precious).

He has a death grip. Don't take his toothbrush away from him. He is VERY serious about his dental hygiene!

The boy is ticklish: under his chin, on the back of his neck, on his feet, his thighs...pretty much everywhere.

He fake laughs.

Mushrooms are his favorite food. Also peas...but mostly because they squish and/or fly across the room when he tries to squish them. Highly entertaining.

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