Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Recap: Easy Like Sunday

Friday started off right, with a full night's sleep and a coffee before work...the barista even spelled my name right. Pretty sure that has/will never happen again.

One of my students wrote this:

I died laughing when I read it. It's supposed to be a "specialist" book about a topic he's passionate about, and up until this point was focused on sculpting...I will have to ask him about this on Monday ;)

Currently I'm sipping a Starbucks Via, peppermint mocha. YUM! And in one of my favorite mugs too (ignore Harry's Sophie teether and book):

And I'm listening to my stud-of-a-husband play his guitar (who did all the grocery shopping for us on his own today, score) while I work on my report card comments.

Where is our son? Oh he's just taking his second long nap of the day.

And Josh and I deep cleaned our entire downstairs all before 10am today. BAM! Talk about a wonderful and productive weekend.

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