Sunday, September 16, 2012

So I don't Forget...

...I LOVE the way Harrison's eyelashes stick together when he's taking a bath. They make his eyes look even bigger than they already are!

...Though we're trying to teach him to say "more" using sign language, his version of asking for another bite consists of panting "he...he...he..." or a funny little fake giggle.

...At 7.5 months old his 7th tooth finally cut all the way through his gums today. Can't believe he has so many teeth already.

...Harry loves to be ticked (especially by his Grandpa Lamb...who was always the best at tickling us as kids).

...If you bounce him on your knee, he'll start kicking his legs to make you bounce him some more.

...He loves pulling his hair when he is really tired and seriously looks painful but for some reason it seems to be soothing to him. Whatever works I guess ;)

...In a crowd, Harry is usually pretty quiet and often has a serious look on his face. But when he's at home with just us, or has a captive audience of one or two people he's very chatty. I wonder if that's an indication of what kind of personality he'll have when he gets older?!

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