Sunday, May 7, 2017

Letter :: Ellis :: Year ONE!

Dear Ellis,                                                                                                                                           


You are one whole year old and we are loving every minute of this stage of life with you!

We celebrated your birthday with a house filled with family (and a few friends) and the most adorable foxy décor. Your auntie Catherine made the most delicious cake (apple with salted caramel frosting) - and the woodland theme was perfect! You loved eating it, even if you were a little slow to dig in. Your favorite part of your birthday was when Harry, Daddy and I sang “Happy Birthday” to you on your actual birthday. You lit up with delight when you realized that we were singing to you. It may be our favorite video of you to date.

Lately you are on the move. You not only crawl (still mostly in the army style), but you’re also pulling yourself up on anything you can...and even trying out your climbing skills. The other morning I was cooking in the kitchen and walked around the island to find you standing on your brother’s picnic table bench, reaching for the counter. I’ve said it all along, but I think it’s finally coming to pass: you are a super sweet boy, but you also have a mischievous streak.

Part of me wants to be sad that you’re already one, but in all honesty, I’m just plain thankful. I am so thankful that you have been part of God’s plan for our family all along. We love you and your brother so much and though your first year is a treasure that I will always hold dear in my heart - there is so much joy ahead to look forward to! I am so excited when I think about the relationship that you and Harry are developing. As loud as it can get at times, my favorite sound is the two of you cracking each other up in the back of the van. Harry can really get you squealing screaming with delight...more so than anyone else. I hope and pray that you will be best friends for all of your lives. Your brotherhood is one of my life’s greatest joys to witness!

You are loving the recent sunshine we’ve had and are happiest when we’re outside getting fresh air. You enjoy riding in the stroller, and I think it’s time to take our little police car outside so you can go for rides while Harry rides his bike/scooter/car up and down the street.

You love swinging and going down small slides. I think by the end of the summer you’ll be climbing up to the top of our tree fort out back and going down the big boy slide. You are certainly more adventurous and less cautious than Harry was at this age.

Ellis, we hope you know how much joy your little life has brought to the world - especially to our family of four. We are blessed to call you son and brother...and really can’t remember what life was like before you came along. Here’s to a lifetime of years spent loving each other and learning how to do life together.

Keep adventuring on sweet boy. I’ll be following close behind to try and keep you out of too much trouble ;)

Love always,

Your Mama

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