Monday, March 27, 2017

Letter :: Ellis :: Month 11

Dear Ellis,                                                                                                                               
Aside from the fact that you’re teething again (which makes us all crazy ;) mainly because we aren’t getting much sleep) this stage you are in has reminded me that the best is truly yet to come. As sad as it is for me to let go of your baby years, watching your personality develop makes me so excited for the future!

Oh sweet boy, we just love you so much. I think my favorite thing lately is to watch you and Harry play. You try to wrestle with him (mostly the two of you rolling around the floor). He legitimately makes you belly laugh, and if we give you a “light saber” (an empty giant bubble wand container) you immediately hold it up, ready to have a Jedi battle with your brother.

When your daddy has to work overtime we often bring him coffee and I think it’s the highlight of both of your days when we roll the window down and you get to see him in his police uniform. I love watching your reaction in the mirror above your car seat. You seem to be a musician like your dad...always dancing when there’s music (which you may have inherited from me, since dancing was my hobby throughout childhood). And you love strumming on Harry’s little guitar. It’s super adorable.

So far, your words are “go”, “mama”, “dada”, and “whoa”. We are still working on “Harry” or “brother” (or even just “bro”). You don’t seem to like the word “no” when you are getting into something you shouldn’t (aka the fireplace grate or the outlet upstairs by your bathroom).

Teething seems to have impacted your interest in food the past week or so, but you really seem to enjoy the food we are eating (preferably fed to you from a grown-up utensil). Peanut butter toast is still one of your favorites, but we recently discovered that you like to chomp on asparagus. You also like scrambled eggs.

You are so close to crawling. You can roll, scoot backwards, spin around on your belly...and almost army crawl to get where you want to go, especially when you are near something you shouldn’t get into (like the fireplace or wall outlets). When it’s time for your bath you are so motivated to get in the tub that you can almost pull yourself up. You love to stand naked on the side of the tub watching the water fill up. And you’re still a splash master once you make it into the water.

Lately you’ve been really enjoying being outside (when it’s not raining). We’ve made it to the park or enjoyed walking around the neighborhood in your stroller. You never fuss when I strap you love sitting back with your blanket and thumb, taking in your surroundings as we walk around outside. Speaking of your blanket, you still love to snuggle up with your blanket and your thumb. It’s the sweetest thing to see you reach for your blanket (you especially love the corners) and stick your left thumb in to soothe yourself. You may end up needing some dental work because of it, but I hope you suck your thumb for a while’s such a sweet reminder that you’re still my little baby.

As I type this, your birthday party invitations are in the mail heading out to our family and a few friends. We cannot wait to throw you a super fun fox party to celebrate the incredible blessing it has been to have you in our family for the past year. We love you Ellis. Can’t wait to enjoy the milestones ahead as you transition from being a baby into your toddler years. This spring and summer will be filled with so much fun as you learn to walk (and run) and enjoy all of the joys of summer alongside your brother (popsicles, bubbles, splash parks, swimming, roasting marshmallows, playing at the park, picnics, library trips, the park, long walks, camping...)!

Happy 11 months sweet boy! You’re such a joy to our family!!! :)

Love always,

Your Mama

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