Thursday, January 26, 2017

Letter :: Ellis :: Month Nine

Dear Ellis,                                                                                           

Dear sweet boy, what a month it has been. You celebrated your very first Christmas, had two colds, one ear infection, and got four top teeth (although the fourth one is still making its way down). It has been kind of a miserable month to be honest. Aside from the awe of seeing Christmas through your eyes for the first time…we have been plagued with little sleep and LOTS of snot. I feel so bad to see you struggling so much…and the sleep deprivation has been pretty hard on me too. I am very much looking forward to the next month of your first year, in hopes that it includes more healthy moments than not.

Let’s see…

…aside from sickness and teething, you have been very inquisitive this month. Not in the movement department (still just sitting, rolling, and backwards scooting), but in your observations and need to touch everything. Your index fingers are always out, feeling the texture of the things around you. You love to check out people’s facial features, especially people’s noses. I can’t keep up with your fast-growing nails so we have to watch it because your scratch can be painful.

You don’t seem to realize that it’s an option for you to try to pull yourself up on anything. Most of the time you are more than content to just hang out and sit wherever we put you. But we’ve been standing you up next to things, like the couch or some of your more stable toys. You absolutely LOVE it…but we have to stay close by to keep you from tipping over.

You love music and rock back and forth anytime it’s on. We often resort to dance parties in the kitchen when I’m making dinner. You get a little cranky around that time of night (especially lately with all the sickness you’ve experienced). But some Bruno Mars and your brother, Daddy and I dancing around like maniacs seems to distract and entertain you enough for me to get a meal on the table.

The other night you were giving your daddy high fives. It was precious. It’s also pretty adorable when you grab your snuggle blanket, stick your thumb in your mouth, and lean your head on our shoulders (all with a little grin hiding behind that thumb).

We love you Ellis. More than we have words to say. It’s such a privilege being your mama…even when you wake me up throughout the night to nurse and snuggle. Sometimes I’m so tired I can hardly see straight, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I praise God a lot in those moments when you’re tired and crying and needing my consolation. I find myself so desperate for God’s strength when my arms are tired from standing and rock/bouncing you (the only way you seem to calm down when you’re sick and tired). But in those moments I thank God so much for you. Your life is and always will be one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given me.

Being your mom is my greatest joy. Love you sweet boy! Here’s to a healthier update at 10 months ;)

Love always,

Your Mama

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