Saturday, January 23, 2016

26 Weeks | Pregnancy Ramblings

Well I'm 26 weeks, but haven't taken my "official bump pic" yet because the past week Harry and I have endured the plague...okay, I exaggerate. It was just a cold. But when you're pregnant, sneezing/blowing your nose constantly, coughing, and taking care of your child (who has all the same symptoms plus a fever) feels like the plague, or at least something worse than a cold.

It could have been worse, but I'm just SO THANKFUL to have gotten a full night of sleep and to be feeling a little better this morning.

I actually put on mascara, so that's a good sign, right?!

Well here are some random pregnancy pics I've taken in the past few weeks:

I don't take many "bare bump" pics...but here's one for your entertainment ;)

Restaurant bathroom selfie. I am not sure why I was making this face...but if I'm remembering it correctly, I think I was feeling extra awkward hoping no one would come through the door and catch me taking this dorky pic. Probably a sign that I should refrain from these kinds of pictures in the future. 

This isn't even all of the tubs of boys clothes that we have. It felt really good to get them organized though so that we can start cycling through them once Ellis arrives in April! 

Here's my 24 week bump. Harry wanted to be in the pic (with his "collection" - which basically means random toys that he had re-discovered in some toy bin that afternoon). I have basically been living in this sweater (and those shoes) fact I'm wearing the sweater as we speak.

Harry was comforting me when I started coming down with is sickness. He was singing about how he loves his baby "b-wudda" and kissing my belly. I was so tired and run-down that I started crying a few minute before taking this pic...and his response was "I'll make you feel happy mommy!". Such a sweet little tender heart he has.

This is basically all I've eaten in the past few days. So comforting!

And the tissues. Oh the amount of tissues we used this week. This was all from me in the middle of the night (the one in which Harry slept in our bed with me, and Josh opted for the couch to avoid catching our germs). We hardly slept a wink due to the constant nose drainage (as evidenced here).

Did I mention how thankful I am to be feeling more like a human today?! SOOOOO Thankful!!!

.    .    .

Well I suppose that's about it for now. I'll post a pic of "26 weeks" once I get around to taking one.

Ellis continues to grow and move all around which is just the biggest blessing ever. I really can't believe this is all happening sometimes. Last year was so hard. So filled with loss and doubt/fear that we may never get to experience bringing another little life into the world. And here we are. Just a couple of months away from meeting our second son!

Thank you Jesus!

And on a "mushy" note...Josh left us this note the other night. He had to work in the evening so by the time Harry and I returned from school he was gone...but he left us with a clean house and this. We are thankful to have him as our husband and daddy. He works his tail off for our family and we are so  grateful (even if it means we miss him when he has to work long hours at times).

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