Monday, November 2, 2015

Baby #2 | 13 Weeks

Well my plan was to start blogging about my pregnancy starting at 10 weeks (updating every two weeks, like I did when I was pregnant with Harry). So far it hasn't happened. As soon as I hit 10 weeks this pregnancy really started to fly by. The last few weeks have been a blur. It doesn't help that this time of year for me at work is one of the busiest. From the first day of school through conferences is such a busy season and I'm always exhausted. Add in pregnancy and I'm just taking life one very long day at a time.

Anyway, 13 14 (almost 15) weeks, finally sitting down to write this all out:

We found out I was pregnant just a few days before my sister's wedding. It was nearly impossible to keep the secret for the weekend, but we were able to tell my family at brunch the day after the wedding. Everyone was overjoyed, and we were too. But it's definitely bittersweet to find out you're pregnant after two pregnancy losses. We weren't jumping for joy and squealing. It was a tearful, sober kind of joy - but deep down we've had lots of peace throughout the whole pregnancy. Our motto has been to choose to hope vs. living in fear.

Here's our healthy 7 week ultrasound with a strong heartbeat. Praise Jesus!!!

Bump or bloat?! I'm not sure what week this pic was taken but the belly was already starting to grow!

Our next ultrasound was 9 weeks. And baby was healthy and strong again. Growing right on target, and due to join our family April 28th!

Here's my 10 week bump-date :) I started wearing maternity clothes this week because man, they were way more comfortable than normal pants at this point.

Growing like a weed!!!

I told my students at 12 weeks and they WENT NUTS when they figured out the "hangman" puzzle I made for them. It was pretty adorable. They were so sweet: "We wondered why your stomach was getting bigger, but we didn't want to say anything." :)

12 weeks and I had a little buddy in my picture!!!

And here I am at 14 weeks. Definitely popping out and everyone I talk to asks when I'm due. 

Got to celebrate my friend Megan's soon-to-be baby girl (coming in December) at her baby shower this weekend. You wouldn't think there's about 20 weeks between us...which makes me a little nervous about just how large this belly will be getting.

Overall, I'm feeling peaceful and thankful. I know that this life is precious, made by God, and completely out of my control. With that in mind I've been able to enjoy each moment knowing that it's a gift to carry this life, no matter how long he/she lives inside (and hopefully outside) the womb.

Thanks for journeying with me through my miscarriages and this pregnancy as well. It's all given me a stronger faith and more dependence on the Lord, which makes me thankful - even for the darkest days. But so far (aside from first trimester fatigue and feeling carsick most of the time) I have had a smooth ride this time around! Praying for this little one to safely make it into our arms and home so that we can finally become a family of four!

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  1. I was JUST thinking about you and wondering how you are. Glad I checked in! Congratulations - so excited for you!