Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Letter: 3.5 Years [LONG overdue]

Dear Harry,

Good morning sweet boy. Last night we were cuddling on the couch watching Toy Story 2 (or as you used to call it "Woody-Buzz"). You're really more than 3.5 years old. It's September October which means we'll blink and you'll be four! You practically think you're four because you are now a member of the "four-year-old class" at school. Next year is pre-K and then Kindergarten. Where on earth does the time go?

But this letter really should have come this summer, so here are a few of my favorite memories that we made together during the two glorious months in which mommy didn't have to work!

We read books, went to the movies, ate countless ice cream cones, spent time with friends and family, both at home and on our trip to Montana.

We went to the library quite a bit and got some really fun books to read. Reading them in your tree-fort was probably my favorite spot! One of our favorite new books to read was the Mercy Watson series. We laughed a LOT about Mercy's adventures and your favorite character was most definitely Leroy Ninker, the wannabe cowboy.

Daddy and I took you to see the new Minions movie which we all loved! You really love going to the theater and barely even blink, let alone look away from the screen. You don't want to miss a moment!

We threw rocks into lakes, and spent many days at the park, sometimes just the two of us and sometimes we met up with friends.

You probably ate at least two popsicles every day. It was one of the hottest summers we have ever said, so of course I said yes whenever you asked!

A major highlight was our trip to Montana in which you got to experience life in the small town your Papa Lamb grew up in (we stayed with Uncle Ricky, Aunt Val, and cousin Emma) and on the ranch owned by your Papa Matt's cousin Cheryl. There were several four-wheeler rides, and LOTS of ice cream, and of course swimming! Fun times were had by all, and it was bittersweet to head home after such a delightful time!

I think the thing I love the most about summer is the regular everyday moments that fill our days. Getting to sit and read while you take extra long baths, going to the park, staying in pajamas all day, dentist appointments, eating delicious breakfasts together...

...these little moments are too many to count, but so priceless to me! I love getting to spend extra time with you every summer!!!

Did I mention we went camping for the first time? We went with friends from church, so there were tons of kids your age running around for you to play with. You had a BLAST for most of it (I think you thought the tent was a "bounce house" with the air mattresses, lol). But there were no naps which resulted in a major meltdown on day two. It was still worth it, but Mommy and Daddy were exhausted by the end. Camping is a lot of work!

And then summer ended with a BANG when we celebrated Auntie Ashley and Uncle Stephen's wedding. It was a fantastic week of extra time with extended family, lots of good food, and not enough sleep ;) but it was all worth it.

You were probably the cutest ring bearer of all time!

When you walked down the aisle, I think you were a little freaked out with so many people watching you, so you hid behind your pillow, ran up to give me a tearful hug...and then your Grandma Matt sat off to the side with you and let you play some games on her cell phone which helped with the tears.

I love this picture of you giving Auntie a kiss right before she became Mrs. Scott...SO precious! 

.    .    .

Well my boy, that was our summer. In a nutshell at least. You get more and more hilarious by the day. You're always coming up with new phrases that crack us up. You truly are our greatest joy in life. The past year was hard. Mommy got pregnant with two babies that went to heaven. We wanted so badly to give you a sibling and for a long time we had to put that dream on hold and just trust God's timing. Thankfully right at the end of summer we found out that I'm pregnant again and this time (praise Jesus) the baby is growing strong and healthy and it looks like in the early months of being 4 you will finally become a big brother. You're SO excited about the baby, and about becoming a "Big Bro" as you like to say...and we couldn't be more excited to see our family grow again. We can only imagine how much we will all love this new little life that God is entrusting to us.

Just know that you'll always be the boy who made me a mama. Nothing will ever take away the special bond that you and I share, and though having another baby will certainly bring change to our family, the love Daddy and I have for you will never change. 

Thanks for being you, Harry. For the hugs, laughs, hard moments, and forgiveness that we get to experience together. 

Being your mama just gets better and better every day! 

Love always,


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